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deportations and exploitations. >> john boehner deflected blame on reform. >> biggest impediment we have is that american people don't trust the president to enforce or implement the law we've may or may not pass >> this also focuses on the wage gap. similar changes are under consideration if neighboring cities and county >> we have not seen businesses leave the community or unemployment increase. and any price increase that's have taken place are very, very small >> but for the owner in san jess yeah costs $56,000. >> once i moved him up, the next guy is working sautes so what it is, it created a sliding scale for me. >> clearly many different points
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of view on these issues and this is the day, may day, immigrants and many hard working people get to express them selves to try to get their point of view across the rally lasts an hour, possibly longer depending how many people speak. david louie abc7 news >> david, thank you very much. sky 7 is live over fruit veil district. community and labor groups are celebrating workers day. oakland police department says it's ready to handle trouble. the department brought in vans to move officers in if there is a repeat of the violence that marred event in 2012. >> the final survey finds more bare ground than snow at the sierra. water managers say the snow pack is only at 18% of average.
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mandatory rationing began in santa cruz. residents will be allowed to only 249 gallons per home per day. customers using more than their share paying a fine going up by $50 for those that go over 20% over the limit. these are the first cuts in santa cruz in nearly 25 years >> 60 gallons per day will be happy for people to stay within for things like bathing and flushing their toilets. but there won't be a lot of water left over for irrigation, outside. >> and this rationing runs through october 31st
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>> state water officials launched a state wide campaign on how we can save water every day the theme is this we're californians an waste. >> one thing you can do is turn off your faucet as much as you can. you know each minute you cut from the shower saves 2.5 gallons. so if you put those on your faucets it makes a difference. we have more advice and information for you on our home page abc7 check that out when you can. before we do that, sandhya patel is outside where it is l cooing down a bit.
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>> it feels different compared to yesterday. live doppler 7 hd rngs temperatures have started to go down. some he clouds going through the bay area, highs so far, one record so far. san rafael, 91 degrees. 84 in san francisco. steamy weather, san jose, 92. 95 livermore. and 88 degrees in santa cruz the question is when will it reach hot spots? a look at that and your weekend forecast. >> thank you. it was just a gorgeous day. check out the scene around lake
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merit. perfect for mid day play. >> abc # news joins us now with a look. >> we're here in walnut creek. it's about been 90 degrees most of the day. this is a place that folks come to get out of the heat and enjoy ice cream. but heat can be dangerous. temperatures once again topped 90. others preferred to stay cool, staying inside. seniors can be at risk. but they don't have air conditioning. >> i have a horrible time in the heat. i just wilt. >> i hoff it. yes. >> this woman told us she likes heat having moved to california
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from cool and soggy washington state. >> with long hair. he needs a shaded place. >> this animal can be hurt by the heat and the folks say it's up to those who care to help him out. >> so with careful to watch the signs for your dog are they panting? it's not equivalent to the sweating. you want to make sure there is lots of water available. >> hand to pavement and make sure it's not too hot. >> cats can be affected too. and all animals can be hurt and killed if left in a car. in this case the owner left air conditioning on for this guy. he or she ran into the store
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>> ebay agreed to two settlements paying nearly $4 million to the state. also prom yitsing it would not restrict hiring from other companies the retailer accused of conspireing with intuit to not recruit each other's employees >> a landmark pension reform initiative has been dealt another set back. city agreed to wait another year before requiring workers to contribute more to pensions a judge approved the agreement this week. those reforms scheduled to take affect in july of this year. this cannot go into affect until july of next year at the earliest. >> a bay area university being investigated for the way it
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handled sexual assault cases >> we believe victims are growing more confident. >> military says a high profile crack down on sexual assaults is working. except one group is still afraid to speak up. >> warriors face a must win, one player talking about the future of coach mark jackson. >> michael finney looks into whether this is worth the cost. >> stay with us the news continues in just 60 seconds.
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police arrested a second suspect in the murder of a 23-year-old man in oakland, arrested yesterday. both charged with 2011 murder of
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charles butler junior but listen to what happened police say two men killed butler after he bumped their car while parallel parking. surveillance video shows that incident. police say they followed and shot butler a few blocks away. >> a new pentagon report says reports of sexual assaults in the military up 50% from a year ago. saying it's been working for two years to get victims to come forward officials say increase is a sign victims are now more confident the crime will be investigated and prosecuted. still, some of the military are reluctant to say anything. >> with estimates men comprise more than half of the sexual assault we have to fight stigmas >> victims say the process of reporting their assault is just a nightmare involving complaining to the person who
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committed the crime. >> it's being called an unprecedented step. officials released name of 55 colleges and universities facing a sex abuse investigation. and uc beshgry is among them. the problem is the way the schools handled complaints the release two days after a task force the report found one in five students was a victim of sexual assault. schools risk losing their funding >> just a short time ago we learned nba owners agreed to move forward with the process of removing donald sterling as owner of the l.a. clippers. sterling caught on tape making racist comments to his girlfriend the nba owners met via conference call today. this is the first official step
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since the commissioner announced on tuesday that sterling was banned for life and would be forced to sell the team. well, it's just about two hours or so until game time tonight. the golden state warriors need to beat clippers to avoid elimination from playoffs and force a game seven. it's an important game the team mood is subdued in downtown oakland. there is a lot riding on this game. and not just for the fans and players. there is speculation he could be fired. >> i object now as to when. you don't want to put added pressure on your self. he's a great friend. >> the nba banned donald sterling for making comments. tip off time in oakland 7:30 p.m
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tonight. >> san francisco bay being used to test a wind sail that could end up powering ferry boats. abc7 news went for a demonstration ride. >> the 40 foot sail making it light the design is sleek. now, picture this attached to a ferry boat carrying dozens of commuters the boats using wind and diesel. a hybrid. >> wing technology takes us off line to reduce 40% of the green house passes. >> air quality management district board along with private groups are funding the $350,000 testing phase taking
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place. wing sail as a solar cell. sensors are connected to a small computer. and says where am i going. >> lich yard jenkins designed it in ala media. he says there no better place than the bay to try this out. >> it's one of the occasions in the world that you have reliability. >> jim was invited to test out wind assisted cata marchan. >> there is a lot of fuel. and we've got a wave of savings. >> single ferry from san francisco to sausalito burns $2 million of fuel per year. the bay area air quality management district says any kind of technology helping
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reduce costs and pollution is worth considering. >> moving on to consumer news smart phones seem to do it all these days. so how much does it cost? more products available to control your home live locks and appliances from an app on your smart phone. consumer reports as been testing the products. we can tell you which to pick and which ones to skip. >> so convenient. and you don't have to think back and say did i shut this off? >> consumer reports has been testing the wi-fi connected devices including lighting, door
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locks, smart thermostats and smart ranges and wall ovens. >> what gets your attention with the products is cool features we're testing those. and want to make sure it works. >> none of the locks stood up to all of consumer reports break in tests. this old school lock. as for nest learning thermostat it has plenty of features but costs >> $250 and harder to set up than others. with this 175 color touch series set up is a breeze. as for lighting systems $200 hue system from phillips lets you dim and change color of the bulbs. the $50 connected by tcp is easier to set up.
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it doesn't change but you can dim bulbs from the cell phone. should be consider a connected home? oof it's fun to wachlt i'm not sure it's that one touch control is there yet for the average person >> consumer reports says sometimes it's worth it. you can add a wi-fi key for $65. with some generators, you can add mobile link that's notifies if your generator stops working and calls for repairs >> wow. >> yes. >> abc news is on the ground in yuk ukraine right now she gave me a look to tonight's broadcast.
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>> you started with latest on the crisis in ukraine. >> yes. hello to everyone in the bay area. and u.s. troops as russian make another threatening move today. we'll have that story coming up. >> you're talking about folks just hate getting on an airplane. >> so many people are afraid of flying. there is a woman having a panic attack on a plane and a man who calms her down. we have that inspiring contestant everybody is talking about. this is a wonderful story tonight. >> world news is coming up right after this newscast at 5:30 >> right here, now, finally cooling on the way around the bay area. >> sandhya patel outside with the accu-weather forecast. >> our natural air conditioning
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is starting to kick in. i'm feeling affects here. it's bearable compared to yesterday outside. live doppler 7 hd. changes are coming as we hit weekend. right now just a few passing clouds aconsiders the bay area. there is sfo coming off the ocean bringing cooler air out of the west at ten. from our camera, seeing clouds around the pyramid. looking across the bay at hazy skies upper 80s in santa rosa. low 90s in concord and livermore.
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94 degrees. concord livermore went up a couple degrees toedz. from our camera, sunshine there. heat holds on for one more day not to the same capacity as today. cooler beginning on saturday. our high pressure brought us the warm to hot weather strong. saturday yu notice a difference p you've been into 90s today and you're not enjoying heat just hang in there. san jose temperatures tomorrow 85 degrees you're going down closer to average hitting the weekend. 73 average. you'll be into low to mid-70s.
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tomorrow morning some of you had a hard time sleeping if you don't have air conditioning tonight still expecting mild reading buzz this morning san francisco started out into low 60s so it's lower so tomorrow afternoon, high clouds, sun, 90 degrees gilroy. 83 redwood city. up to 68 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 74 degrees you're dropping from 84 there. and in the east bay, oakland 78ment nice looking day. still hot. livermore, brentwood 90 degrees. 88 walnut creek. low 70s to low 90s tomorrow.
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mid-70s into warmest spots over the weekend inland. low clouds back in the picture. they're off the coastline. friday night into saturday, you'll see coast getting some major change in the weather as well. so relief is coming. >> still head people for get where you parked a car an app to keep stress levels down coming up next. >> now two former stanford students making mobile messaging a bigger business. then, at 6:00 new video game being develop that had can read your mind. you're going to see it in action at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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>> microsoft says it's come up with a fix or a security flaw in internet explorer the department of homeland security suggested people don't
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use the browser until the hole is patched. you can access the patch via the tech n the control panel. the pictures of amazon hand set has been revealed to make images on the smart phone display appear owe float above the screen. amazon is expanding sachl day delivery meaning customers can order as late as 12:15 in the afternoon and get it by 9:00 at night the same day. >> snap chat users will be able to send longer messages or switch to a similar system the key features photos that can
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be viewed for a few seconds will not go away. snap chat wanting to xheet compete with mobile me. >> apple reportedly claims to break into wearables hashth market by incorporating sensors into head phones measuring heart rate and blood pressure according to a posting on the app secret. the author claims to have let go last week. then, there is this. google now april has been update asked a location card will pop up other apps let people mark a location. this is done automatically. it does not work inside of a parking garage only with street parking. it's a shame. garages is where i misplace the cars >> because they're so big. right sf
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>> mission to mars. coming up nasa's space suits of the future. >> how they could be a blast from the past. stay with us. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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in the newsroom at 6:00 clippers get ready for their showdown with warriors he how they're dealing with the banishment of the owner and what the move has done to the nba brand and a special report from a bay area hospital. technology is changing the way breast cancer is detected coming up in a half hour on abc7 news tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. >> see you then. did nasa take inspiration for a show for it's newest space suits? you decide this, is a space suit that is gray including light emitties >> the picture has an astronaut posing like a super hero. >> now, compare that to the tv show "lost in space" >> nasa wants to have the suits
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perfected for the hume mission to mars. >> thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. tonight sudden impact. a torrent of rain causing roads to collapse. a backyard turns into a sinkhole and all the rescues as millions reel from the final punch of an epic storm. campus crisis. 55 of the nation's top colleges and universities under investigation tonight for what they do of students reporting sexual assault. and fear of flying. >> oh, my god! >> see the panic attack on the plane and the man they call the plane whisperer tell you how to face the fear. is the answer as simple as a straw?

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